We were asked to create the visual identity for “Milady”, a community in Japan to empower, educate and encourage women in their 20’s as they step into adulthood. In previous years, individuality was often perceived as a disturbance of unity in Japan. This tendency still has a strong root in the culture and many young women struggle to navigate and find her dream for the future. Milady encourages and educates young woman about the various possibilities of a future, to create a unique career path that meets an individual’s desires and passions. It was very important for the visual identity to be inclusive, therefore we chose to use an illustration of a woman instead of a photo to avoid creating a stereotype role model. Each illustration was drawn in one continuous line to represent the one life we have an opportunity to shape. We also decided to set 7 main brand colours to represent the community’s inclusivity, where every individual background is represented. It was very important for us to represent all types of woman through our visual identity.