Japanisch Kochen in Deutschland


Editorial Design for the German version of the Japanese home cooking book by Mahoroba Publishing. The book contains a wide variety of recipes with ingredients that are accessible for people who live in Germany, which makes it incredibly easy for readers to create a real Japanese dish at home. The entire book is written in German and we wanted the cookbook to be image oriented so even if the readers have never tried the dish, it would be easy enough to create one. We specifically picked those typefaces design by German type designers to bring the collaboration of cultures to represent the heart of this book.

東京在住のフォトグラファー、Lynlee Ottoのロゴマークと名刺を製作しました。落ち着いた大人の雰囲気を表現するために、丸くなりすぎないシンプルな筆記体に仕上げました。控えめな大人のイメージを出しつつも「L」を力強く書くことにより、彼女の芯の強さを表したデザインとなっています。

Title: Japanisch Kochen in Deutschland
Client: Mahoroba Publishing
Year: 2018
Photography: Hiroshi Toyoda