Houbi Ichigo

“A special treat for a special occasion” - This is how “Houbi Ichigo” (“Houbi” meaning “rewards”, “Ichigo” meaning “strawberries” in Japanese) was created by a food enthusiast and an organic farm producer in Saitama, Japan. We were asked to create a logo that represents these specific strawberries. “Houbi Ichigo” strawberries are ripened only by the natural light and the warmth from the sun, and grown with love and care. We therefore wanted the primary image in the logo to be the bright red strawberry. Our concept behind the logo is a strawberry that shines like a jewel. The kanji 宝 for “Hou” in the name “Houbi” means “treasure”, which in this story is the strawberry. We played with the dot in the kanji of 宝 and used the same shape as the strawberry seeds.