Alishan is one of the leading vegetarian and organic food import companies in Japan. It originated in 1988 by a passionate American-Taiwanese couple in the beautiful country side of Saitama Japan, with the intention to share quality organic or vegetarian food to Japanese people which wasn’t as easily accessible back then. As 2018 marked their 30 year anniversary, we worked with them to rebrand their packaging so their merchandise showed not only their carefully selected products but enhanced their amazing stories of the last three decades. Also their relationship with individual farms that they import the products from and their passion and vision about healthy organic food choices. We worked with them to layout a new Visual Identity that reflected their headquarters in Saitama, which is an actual American-style red barn that they built. This is such a symbolic figure for them, hence the red colour and the barn illustration is used across all the packaging. The stickers used on the front of their small plastic wrappers that they hand-fill the bulk items into, were designed in the shape of their barn to reflect how Alishan grew from humble beginnings in Saitama to where they are now - truly loved and well appreciated by people from all across Japan. For their cans, jars and box products, we collaborated on some of the main illustrations such as their peanut butter jars, tahini jars and vegetables stock box. A sales flyer template was finally designed to help them communicate to wholesale store owners and customers how to use each of their products.