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"Let's make the world a better place"

We are a creative studio based in Amsterdam.

'Design' can help communicate complicated matters in a simpler way, encourage people to try something that they are not used to, go beyond language barriers, express who you are without words, make someone smile or transform a space into a fun environment... There is infinite potential in the power of visuals, and we design with absolute passion.

We also believe in less is more. There are so many different ways to achieve your dreams, you don't need 100000x flyers to get a customer anymore. We value our planet and the resources we have, we try and minimise our carbon footprints, produce less waste and work with like-minded people.

If you are looking for a team like us, to come up with creative solutions for your business, campaigns, new products, personal branding... feel free to contact us to have a chat!

Let's make the world a better/fun/exciting/environmentally friendly place together :)

- Joshua Takashi Kadlec

Born in beautiful Azumino in Nagano, Joshua found his love of art at an early age and always dreamt of being a designer when he grew up. After completing secondary school education he came to Tokyo and worked at an import company where he was responsible for the in-house graphic design for 5 years. He started freelance work in 2016 which has now developed into a full time career, as Kadlec Studio was established with his partner and co-founder, Marin Kadlec in 2017.

- Education:
July 2018
Designing for Sustainability (Summer School),
Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, Denmark