Kadlec Studio

Kadlec Studio is the Tokyo-based design duo of Joshua Takashi and Marin Kadlec.

We love bringing creative solutions for our clients in industries such as publishing, fashion, music, lifestyle, customer service, events and education. Every project is a unique adventure: we love working closely with our clients to create a bespoke service to ensure every design is meaningful and original. We believe thoughtful visual communication can enhance your individual voice and help you achieve great success. 

We are friendly Japanese creative thinkers with multi-cultural backgrounds.
Feel free to contact us for prospective jobs, collaborations or just a friendly chat!

Kadlec Studioは、キャドレック ジョシュア 喬志とマリンの2人による東京拠点のデザインスタジオです。ロゴやフライヤー、ブランディングなど、さまざまな形でグローバル(thanks internet!)に活動しています。よいデザインとは、ビジュアルだけではなく、クライアントの想いと成功をサポートし、世の中に発信するものだと信じています!


Email: hello@kadlecstudio.com
Phone: +81 (0) 80 1323 2501

Our Services

Brand Strategy
Logo Design
Brand Guidelines
Creative Directions

Website Design
Web Icon & Header Design
SNS Promo Design

Book & Editorial Design
Album Sleeve & CD Jacket Design
Packaging Design
Business Collateral



Joshua Takashi Kadlec


Graphic Designer / キャドレック ジョシュア 喬志

Born in beautiful Azumino in Nagano, Joshua Takashi Kadlec found his love of art at an early age and always dreamt of being a designer when he grew up. After completing secondary school education he came to Tokyo and worked at an import company where he was responsible for in-house graphic design for 5 years. He started freelance work in 2016 which has now developed into a full time career, as Kadlec Studio was established with his partner and co-founder, Marin Kadlec.

長野県安曇野市で生まれる。幼少の時からアートに魅せられ、デザイナーという将来の夢を持つ。高校卒業後、夢を追いかけ上京。2013年インポート会社に就職し、デザイン全般を任される。2016年よりフリーランスとして活動を始め、2017年に念願のKadlec Studioを始める。

Instagram: Joshua Takashi Kadlec 


Marin Kadlec

Graphic Designer & Illustrator / キャドレック マリン

Originally from Osaka, Marin Kadlec grew up in Japan, New Zealand and Ireland. After completing her Irish Leaving Certificate, she moved to England to study at Kingston University, London, and graduated with a BA (Hons) Illustration and Animation in 2011. Her design career began in London where she worked as a freelance graphic designer for 2 years. In 2015, she came to Tokyo as she was offered an Art Director position. She met Joshua Takashi through creative connections and as well as getting married, they co-founded Kadlec Studio in 2017.

大阪市出身、中学校から、ニュージーランド、アイルランドで過ごし、19の時にイギリスへ。2011年に英国のキングストン大学イラストレーション科を卒業し、ロンドンでフリーランスデザイナーとして2年間活動する。その後帰国し、2015年にアートディレクターとして東京で働く。2017年にジョシュアと共にKadlec Studioとして活動を始める。

Instagram: Marin Kadlec